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Periodontal Care

Prevention and treatment of periodontal disease is a top priority at Bright Smiles of Coral Springs. Because gum disease is quite prevalent among adults in America today, you will be examined and screened for it at your biannual check ups. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to loss of gum tissue, teeth, and other serious health concerns, so it’s important to be proactive and contact Dr. Coussa if you notice any changes in your oral health throughout the year.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is an infection of the tissues surrounding and supporting your teeth. The early stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. If you have gingivitis, you may notice that your gums are red and swollen and bleed easily. The good news is that at this stage your gingivitis can easily be reversed with a professional cleaning and good home care.

Periodontitis is a more advanced stage of gum disease that occurs when plaque builds up and turns into tartar, which can’t be removed by brushing alone. Tartar pushes gum tissue away from the tooth and allows bacteria to get in, which can cause loss of gum tissue and even loss of teeth or jawbone in severe cases. The hygiene team at Bright Smiles of Coral Springs is equipped and prepared to help you through any stage of periodontitis.

Prevention and Treatment for Gum Disease

One of the best ways to manage gum disease is to prevent it from happening in the first place. You may not even know you have gum disease because there’s typically not pain associated with it at first. This is why regular cleanings and check-ups with Dr. Coussa are very important.  At your biannual cleaning and examination, you’ll be screened for gum disease and educated about prevention through home care.

If you should have a more advanced case of periodontitis, we offer scaling and root planing. This is an advanced cleaning procedure where plaque and tartar are removed beneath the surface of your gums. Antibiotic treatments may also be applied if necessary. We use the latest technology in order to make this treatment as comfortable and efficient as possible.

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Periodontal disease has been linked with other chronic diseases in the body, and this is why it’s so important to be proactive about your health. Early symptoms of gum disease are bleeding, red gums, and inflammation. If you suspect that you may have gum disease, contact Dr. Coussa right away. Gum disease will not go away on its own, and the earlier that it’s treated, the easier it is to manage on your own.

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