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Root Canal Therapy

Root canals probably have the worst reputation of any dental procedure. We’re here to tell you, however, that this is unwarranted because modern day root canal therapy, or endodontic treatment, is actually quite comfortable for patients. 

At Bright Smiles of Coral Springs, we use the latest technology that makes root canals virtually pain free. In fact, the pain that people typically associate with root canals is caused by the infection rather than the treatment. 

When your tooth becomes infected or damaged, root canal therapy can often save and repair your tooth, preventing the need for an extraction and other costly dental procedures. Understanding the benefits of a root canal can help to reduce any fear you may have about the treatment.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

If your tooth becomes decayed or infected to the point where it reaches the root and the nerve, you may experience an abscessed tooth, which causes severe pain and infection. You may experience sensitivity to hot or cold, or pain when you bite or chew food. 

If you experience these types of symptoms, it’s important to contact Dr. Coussa right away because an infected tooth that is left untreated can cause further infection, which can lead to bone or tooth loss. There are some cases when an x-ray may also indicate the need for a root canal before the patient experiences pain.

Anytime you contact our office when you’re experiencing pain you will be seen and treated as soon as possible. Emergency patients are a top priority at Bright Smiles of Coral Springs, and Dr. Coussa makes every effort to be there for his patients, even during weekends or off hours, so please don’t hesitate to call if you are in pain.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is the removal of infected tissue within the canal that houses your tooth’s root and nerves. Having an active infection in your mouth can lead to pain and further health complications, so once the infection is removed, you will begin to feel relief right away. Dr. Coussa is skilled and gentle, and you’ll find that the procedure is quite comfortable.

After the infection is removed, your tooth is filled and allowed to heal before any further restoration takes place. Once the healing process is complete, your tooth may need a crown, and Dr. Coussa will review the best restoration options for your needs.

Scheduling an appointment immediately if you find yourself experiencing any pain or symptoms that may indicate you need a root canal is the first step in saving your tooth and preserving your oral health. Contact our office right away anytime you begin to experience pain. Dr. Coussa is always there for you!

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