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Dental technology is always evolving and improving. Dr. Coussa understands that using the latest technology makes treatment more comfortable and efficient for patients, and for this reason, he’s always adding new equipment to the office. 

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are a critical part of diagnosing dental treatment. They allow Dr. Coussa to see beyond your teeth and gums so that he can detect problems at an earlier stage. Digital x-rays offer numerous benefits over traditional film x-rays.

  • Digital x-rays expose you to 80% less radiation than traditional films.
  • Images can be viewed instantly so that Dr. Coussa can review them with you right away.
  • Digital images are more easily transferred, making it easier to coordinate treatment with other doctors.
  • No chemicals used for developing means digital x-rays are safer for the environment.
  • Higher resolution makes it easier to diagnose problems in early stages.

Pain-Free Numbing

We understand that needles and the numbing process strike fear into the hearts of many of our patients. Dr. Coussa, however, uses a computerized anesthetic delivery system called The Wand, which is designed to make the numbing process virtually pain free. The Wand takes the guesswork out of the numbing process, helping to take the fear out of the process for patients.

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