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Removable Dentures: An Affordable Solution for Missing Teeth

Removable Denture

Are you missing more than one tooth and not sure what to do?  Are you trying to decide between removable dentures and dental implants?

Whether due to gum disease, an accident, or just getting older, sometimes we lose teeth.  But maybe dental implants aren't the best solution for you. That's all right, you can still light up a room with your smile!

Read on to learn more about the advantages of removable dentures.

Removable Dentures Makes Dental Hygiene Easy

This is perhaps the best thing about removable dentures. Dental hygiene is an important, but often-neglected aspect of our daily lives.  No need to worry about brushing or flossing in hard to reach areas with dentures, because they can be easily removed to clean your teeth as needed.

Dentures are Quick and Easy to Make

When you are missing more than one tooth, dentures can be a fast and easy solution. Compared to dental implants, dentures do not require surgery and can be made from a mold in a matter of weeks.

Removable Dentures are Easy to Care For

Cleaning a removable dental bridge is a simple, easy process.

We suggest rinsing your dentures with cool water, as hot water may end up warping your beautiful new dentistry. Make sure you're taking good care of your dentures and clean them regularly so they last longer.

When Dental Implants Can’t Be Used

Dental implants are a great option to replace missing teeth in many cases. However, there are certain situations where dental implants can’t be used or don’t make sense. Patients with extensive bone loss are a prime example. In these cases, removable dentures are an excellent treatment option.

The Ability to Fill Many Different Spaces with One Device

Dentures can be an excellent option when a person has many different spaces in their mouth from missing teeth and wants a quick solution.   Removable dentures can close these spaces all at once without the need for surgery and more costly procedures.

Removable Dentures are Affordable

Removable dentures are an affordable solution for missing teeth.  Dental implants can cost much more and require treatment over a longer period of time.Perhaps you're too young or have no need for dentures. Or, you'd like dental implants but can't afford the higher cost. Regardless of the treatment option you choose, we offer plenty of financial options to fit your needs. 

We accept many insurance plans and financing through Care Credit to help ease the cost of treatment.  

Removable Dentures Look Natural

If you're not convinced yet, we'll give you one more consideration that you're sure to love.It's easy to feel a bit embarrassed if you have missing or damaged teeth. But you shouldn't let that keep you from smiling and enjoying your life.

The average denture looks just as natural as your very own teeth. Think about how good it would feel to walk into a room and show off your pearly whites again. You deserve it!A removable denture is a practical and cost-effective way of renewing your look. If you think dentures are a fit for you, consult with Bright Smiles of Coral Springs!

We'd love to come up with a plan that's sure to meet your needs and fit your budget. Get in touch today and see how we can transform your smile.

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