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Dental Crowns

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What Are Teeth Crowns?

A tooth crown is an artificial tooth made from porcelain, ceramic, gold or a metal alloy. It can fit over a filed down natural tooth to strengthen a fragile teeth and to provide a nice appearance for a tooth that is badly stained.

We also have a special intraoral scanner that eliminates the need for the “goopy material” when taking an impression.

Where Can I Find Low Cost Crowns Near Me?

You’ve already found a dentist offering affordable crowns; call us today to make an appointment. Once our dentist has had an opportunity to examine your tooth, he or she can tell you your cost for a dental crown.

Dental Bridges

How Long Does it Take to Get Used to a Bridge?

Dental bridges are lightweight and small; they are easier to get used to than dentures. Since you don’t have to remove a fixed bridge for cleaning, you will soon forget that you have one.

We also have a special intraoral scanner that eliminates the need for the “goopy material” when taking an impression.

Are Dental Bridges Expensive?

Dental bridges are an affordable restoration that your dental insurance may cover. Contact our office to arrange a consultation and our dentist can let you know what you would pay for a dental bridge in your case.


Who Makes Dentures?

Dental labs create dentures. Their technicians have a wide range of materials that they can use to fabricate new dentures that look like your natural teeth. Your dentist will send an impression of your teeth to the lab, so your custom-made dentures should fit perfectly.

What Do New Dentures Cost?

During your initial appointment, our dentist will go over the various denture styles. Once you make your selection, he or she can provide you with an estimate of your total cost. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

Can You Eat Easily With Full Dentures?

Yes, there are many people enjoying meals with full dentures. Start out slowly with soft foods cut into smaller than normal pieces. It should take about a week to discover how to eat comfortably with the roof of your mouth covered by the denture.

How Much Do Partial Dentures Typically Cost?

Partial Dentures are a removable solution to replacing multiple teeth. The cost for partial dentures varies considerably, since the price is based in the number of teeth in the denture. If you have dental insurance, this will also affect your final cost.

How Do I Get Flipper Teeth?

Our dentist can get you flipper teeth in one or two days if you need them to temporarily hide missing teeth.

How Do Immediate Dentures Work?

An immediate denture is a denture made before all of the remaining teeth are extracted. This prevents a patient from ever being “toothless.” If you are interested in immediate dentures, call our office. You will come in and our dentist will take an impression for the dental lab. When you return, you will have any remaining teeth extracted and your dentures placed the same day. Call us if you are interested in immediate dentures.

Dental Fillings

Can My Silver Filling Fall Out?

It’s possible that an older metal filling will fall out; they can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Call our office for an appointment if you’ve lost a filling. You need another filling so decay-causing bacteria is not trapped in the cavity.

What’s a Filling Cost?

The filling material and your dental insurance coverage will determine what you will pay for a filling.

Should I Get a Composite Filling?

If you are worried about the safety of metal fillings, don’t worry. If you want a composite filling because it is invisible in your mouth, then get a composite filling. If you spread out the minimal extra cost for a composite filling over the five years that you will have the filling, the cost won’t be that much more.


What Is an Onlay for a Tooth?

Onlays can replace large fillings in back teeth and cover a cusp if it is broken. Onlays are stronger than traditional fillings because they are made in a dental lab from strong materials. Call our office to schedule an appointment with our dentist to see if an onlay is right for you.

What Do Tooth Onlays Cost?

While an onlay costs a little more than a traditional filling, it will last longer and perform better. Our dentist can provide you with an estimate of your total cost for a dental onlay once he or she has examined your tooth.

Why Do Dentists Use Overlays?

Since an overlay offers more extensive coverage than an onlay, dentists will use it to repair damage and to fill very large cavities.

Are Overlays Expensive?

Give our office a call to find out the price for an affordable overlay. Many factors go into the cost of an overlay, including the material used and how difficult the overlay is to place for our dentist.

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