Root Canals

Do you have severe tooth pain with swelling around the tooth? You may need root canal therapy. Having a root canal treatment by an experienced dentist is the best way to preserve your smile. At Bright Smiles of Coral Springs, we focus our efforts on serving patients needing root canal treatments or other endodontic treatments. You do not have to wonder where to find a skilled root canal dentist in , the answer to your pain is just a phone call away. Contact our office today to arrange an appointment with our root canal dentist.

The Root Canal Procedure

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It is understandable to wonder what is it like to have a root canal. It is one of the most feared procedures in all of dentistry by people who have never had a root canal. It isn’t a painful procedure, certainly no more than having a cavity filled. The root canal treatment could take two visits, but your severe pain will be gone after the first visit.

What Are the Steps Involved in Root Canal Therapy?

A root canal treatment is used to remove the infected pulp of the inner tooth. Your dentist is able to remove the pulp, which contains nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels, because the tooth no longer needs the pulp to get nutrients. The surrounding gums will provide sufficient support for the empty tooth.

First, the tooth is anesthetized, and then isolated with a rubber dam that looks like a plate with a small hole in the center. This keeps the area where the dentist works clean. Our dentist will create a small opening in the tooth to clean out the canals in the roots. Once the canals are cleaned out and disinfected, our dentist fills and seals them. A temporary filling covers the small opening in the tooth, at this time you may also receive your permanent crown or filling. You may feel minor aching for one to two days afterwards, but you will not feel any tooth pain because the tooth’s nerves are gone.

Should I Make My Appointment with an Endodontist or a Root Canal Dentist?

If you believe that you need a root canal, we can help you. At Bright Smiles of Coral Springs, we specialize in simple root canals and other endodontic procedures. Our skilled general dentists have performed many root canals; however, we refer patients to an endodontist for complex procedures, including root canals on molars. Make an appointment and our dentist will examine your tooth and look at the X-rays to see whether your root canal treatment can be carried out at our office. Depending on our schedule and your pain level, we may be able to carry out your root canal procedure on the same day that you come in for an exam. Call us now to arrange an appointment.

Can You Tell Me What a Root Canal Procedure Will Cost?

Even in pain, it is natural to wonder how much a root canal will set you back. You know that it is a necessary procedure, but you wonder what an uninsured root canal will cost. Delaying treatment may lead to you losing your tooth. Besides, you probably cannot stand the pain much longer.

Our dentist would have to examine your tooth before giving you a price. Your root canal cost depends on which tooth needs treating and the tooth’s condition. Your crown will also affect the price of your root canal. Our dentist will explain the different types of crowns and help you choose one based on your budget and your aesthetic needs. You may want a porcelain crown for a front tooth, as they are very life-like, but a metal crown for a back tooth. Metal is very durable and in many cases, no one will see the crown.

We keep our prices affordable so people can get the treatment they need without considering having the tooth extracted. Having a tooth pulled is typically more expensive if you plan to replace the tooth. Having missing teeth in your mouth can cause significant problems later in life and leave you needed dentures or implants. Moreover, missing teeth may make you feel uncomfortable in professional and personal encounters.

Fortunately, dental insurance usually covers root canals, as they are a necessary procedure to protect your oral health. We accept most major dental insurance plans; call us for more information.

Our dentists also accept payment plans to help you afford the procedure. You can pay in installments, rather than delay treatment. Schedule your appointment today.

We use CBCT X-Ray technology which greatly improves accuracy for both implant surgery and root canals.

Cone beam computed tomography

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